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Regina Massingill

When I started running, I did it alone. I thought I needed to train first to maybe one day be fast enough to join a group. I thought I was too slow to fit in. I happened across City Centre Run Club on accident and decided to give it a try. Turns out I wasn’t the only “slow” one there; and no one expected me to be faster.

Having been a part of CCRC now for nearly 10 years, I’ve learned that these kinds of thoughts are not unique to me. Many of us have experienced this fear of inadequacy. But the running community here in Houston is one of the most accepting places imaginable. Don’t give up the solo runs, nothing can replace those. But if you want to gain confidence – and maybe a little speed along the way – find a tribe that you can mesh with once or twice a week.

I say I’ve been a runner since 2014, since this is when I did my first marathon – Chevron Houston of course. I honestly thought at the time it would be a 1-time thing, but I got hooked. I’ve done many more marathons since then, bringing my time down from 5:20 to 3:06 and finally making it to that most coveted of races – Boston – in 2021. My passion has increasingly led me to ultra trail running in recent years, progressing from 50k to 200 mile races, with a few FKT’s in between.


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