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Joshua Litton

When did you start running? I was a short-distance sprinter in high school who hated anything over the 400m, but stopped running entirely for 7 years after graduating. In 2019 some friends started getting into running, inspiring me to start knocking out a few miles per week. Through 2020 I was running more, and once lockdowns started easing up I registered for my first race. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Tell us about your run club. Fass Run Club is amazing! So many great people have come together to naturally create a community of support and friendship. We host runs twice a week, and are based out of the oldest building in downtown Conroe, now home to Fass Brewing. Even outside of club runs we’re always up to something, whether it’s running races together, training during the week, visiting other run clubs, or hitting up a happy hour! It’s been awesome seeing all the relationships grow and new people find a welcoming place. There are also a lot of cyclists and triathletes who join us.

Favorite moment about running or your run club? I love it when the group comes together for races – it gets me stoked. Last year at a race in Conroe, we had 13 runners from FRC place in their Age Groups which was so cool to see!

Find a group in your area to run with. Running can be so serious and lonely, but group runs are a great way to embrace the fun side of it. Also, go to Fleet Feet (or a specialty running store near you) and get a good pair of shoes if you’re able to. It makes a huge difference.


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