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Community Spotlight

Get to know the faces and stories that make our running clubs extraordinary. Every month, we shine a light on one dedicated member, bringing their running journey to life.

May 2024

Katherine Cameron Photo

Katherine Cameron

Memorial Trail Running Club

Houston, TX

How long have you been running? I’ve been running on and off since high school, but really started focusing in on running in 2019. My stepmom and I decided to do the Aramco Half Marathon that year and it really stuck how much I enjoy running! I’m a professional equestrian so running has been a great way to just make my riding even better, stay in shape, and have something outside of work I can continuously improve on.

When did you start running with your run club? I started going to run clubs (shoutout to Memorial Trail Running Club, my first one ever!) in the spring of 2021, and truly found a community of amazing people! It’s so fun to come together to support, learn, and raise each other up.

What is your favorite part of being in a run club? Not a day goes by that I don’t hear from a running friend in some way, and it’s been a community to lean on during hard times. I’m chasing that sub 2 hour half marathon with the help of some great friends, even though those plans have been delayed due to a fractured pelvis, so hopefully in the next year I’ll get it done once I’m back to my normal running schedule! (PATIENCE is the hardest part of running)

I’m regularly at Memorial Trail Running Club (in Houston, TX) on Mondays, an awesome FFP run club! You can usually see me and Rothko there, even if we aren’t running.

April 2024

Michelle Williams Photo

Michelle Williams

Dog Haus Running Club

Pasadena, CA

How long have you been running? I have been running for almost 10 years and ran my first marathon in 2015 – the LA Marathon. To celebrate my 10th year, I decided to run the New York Marathon as my 10th marathon. I did it by combining Fitness, Fun, and Philanthropy raising money for rare cancer research with The Brave Like Gabe Foundation.

When did you start running with your run club? I started running with Dog Haus Running Club on 12-3-2013 and through the club I found my tribe, found my inspiration, and it helped me create a new and better life.

What is your favorite memory from run club? I have so many favorite moments with DHRC I can’t pick just one. My “why” is everyone that shows up on Tuesday. They keep me going. They make me want to make each day better and each event better. My goal is to continue to create a safe & fun environment where everybody feels welcome, can be themselves, and can challenge themselves.

I believe that the sport of running can positively impact an individual & that by connecting individuals through running we can make a positive impact in our communities (and possibly the world).

March 2024

Regina Massingill Photo

Regina Massingill

CityCentre Running Club

Houston, Texas

When I started running, I did it alone. I thought I needed to train first to maybe one day be fast enough to join a group. I thought I was too slow to fit in. I happened across City Centre Run Club on accident and decided to give it a try. Turns out I wasn’t the only “slow” one there; and no one expected me to be faster.

Having been a part of CCRC now for nearly 10 years, I’ve learned that these kinds of thoughts are not unique to me. Many of us have experienced this fear of inadequacy. But the running community here in Houston is one of the most accepting places imaginable. Don’t give up the solo runs, nothing can replace those. But if you want to gain confidence – and maybe a little speed along the way – find a tribe that you can mesh with once or twice a week.

I say I’ve been a runner since 2014, since this is when I did my first marathon – Chevron Houston of course. I honestly thought at the time it would be a 1-time thing, but I got hooked. I’ve done many more marathons since then, bringing my time down from 5:20 to 3:06 and finally making it to that most coveted of races – Boston – in 2021. My passion has increasingly led me to ultra trail running in recent years, progressing from 50k to 200 mile races, with a few FKT’s in between.


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